Custom Driveway Concrete Designs by Kodiak Construction

Broom Finish

Broom finish concrete is what you see when you think of concrete in general. More recently it has been the focal point of modern hardscape design. It is Gray, Beautiful and Minimalistic. This is great for Starter Homes. Modern Design lovers and anyone in between.

Stamped Finish

Stamped Concrete is usually paired with a color in or on the mix. This is our most popular option. We take custom cut stamps and forge patterns in the concrete to make your concrete look unforgettable. Great for Contemporary Design and something a little fancier than Broom Finish.

Colored Concrete

We have over 50 Colors to choose from to create your concrete masterpiece. Stamped and Colored Concrete usually go together. We take the color and apply it in or on your mix to really customize your concrete experience.

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The amazing thing about concrete is that it does not Rot, Rust or Burn. Unlike other landscape areas such as Grass.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Concrete is extremely low-maintenance and will look pristine and refined without the need for much upkeep. If you would like Concrete to look it's best we recommend to pressure wash every 3-6 months especially if you have a big tree with Leaves and Debris getting on it all the time.


Concrete driveways can Add up to $20,000 in your home's value. Saving you money in the long run if you decide to sell in the future.

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Custom Packages

Your home should be a direct reflection of your artistic side. Working with us we help you bring that out and create spaces that you can make great memories to last a lifetime.

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Benefits and Advantages

Virtual Design Service

Visualize the Remodel Opportunities with Kodiak. Schedule a free estimate today and lets get you started!

Referral Program

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How long will my project take?

Our availability changes as we are a family owned and operated company. We could do it as fast as 3-5 days from the contract being signed or 2-4 weeks during peak season.


Why should I choose Kodiak for my concrete project?

Kodiak has been the leaders for residential concrete for 25 years now. We know concrete better than anyone. this is simply our domain.


Can I see what it will look like before the project begins?

Yes we have virtual designers that can do a rendering before you decide on the final design.


Can I get financing for my project?

Yes please schedule a free estimate with us and we will lay out all of your financing options.

Financing Concrete

Kodiak Offers financing on all of your hardscape projects. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and find out which option is best for you.