Custom Driveaway Paver Designs by Kodiak Construction

Stone Varieties

Our interlocking pavers are available in a variety of color and style options, ensuring we have the perfect fit to complement your home’s architecture and layout.

Color Varieties

We offer more than 50 different color options that can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns and designs. Our designer will consider the color scheme of your home and help you select hues that integrate beautifully with its design.

Style Variaties

Our paver designs are fully customizable, and, thanks to a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, we can create designs to complement any and all home styles.

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Design Options

With countless design and color options, you can truly customize your living space. We take in to account your homes architecture and layout to bring you a true thing of Hardscape beauty.


Our interlocking stone pavers are individual, sand-jointed units, making them flexible enough to prevent snapping and breaking as the earth shifts beneath them. They also feature a low moisture absorption rate, helping to prevent water from seeping into the stones and causing them to crack. Great for Durability

Low Maintenance

Since each paving stone is placed individually with joint sand, repairs and replacements are a breeze. Should anything happen to your interlocking stones, they can easily be removed and replaced. Paving stones are designed to last for decades, so you never have to worry about the expense of replacing an entire surface.

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Custom Packages

Your home should be a direct reflection of your artistic side. Working with us we help you bring that out and create spaces that you can make great memories to last a lifetime.

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Benefits and Advantages

Virtual Design Service

Visualize the Remodel Opportunities with Kodiak. Schedule a free estimate today and lets get you started!

Referral Program

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How long will my project take?

Our availability changes as we are a family owned and operated company. We could do it as fast as 3-5 days from the contract being signed or 2-4 weeks during peak season.


Why should I choose Kodiak for my interlocking paving stones?

Kodiak has carved itself out as a great option for pavers because of our fair pricing compared to bigger paver companies and our attention to detail with our design and project manager.


Can I see what it will look like before the project begins?

Yes we have virtual designers that can do a rendering before you decide on the final design.


Can I get financing for my project?

Yes please schedule a free estimate with us and we will lay out all of your financing options.

Financing Pavers

Kodiak Offers financing on all of your hardscape projects. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and find out which option is best for you.